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Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Flooring


What ever your Industrial Flooring needs are, we can help come up with a durable, low maintainence solution for you. Commercial floors need high-performance finishes or coatings that can withstand heavy foot traffic, abrasion and stains and are easy to maintain. They also must be slip resistant to avoid injuries to staff and customers. In restaurants, concrete floors must be easy to clean and be able to repel spills and food stains.The newest trend in commercial concrete floor coatings are metallic epoxies, which give concrete floors a dazzling metal-like patina. Like other epoxy systems, their durability has been proven.High-gloss polished concrete floors are also popular in commercial and retail facilities because they reflect overhead lighting and brighten indoor spaces. Other benefits of polished concrete include durability, abrasion resistance and low maintenance.

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